Rangrej's Aromatherapy Shea butter body lotion

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African Organic Shea Butter is enriched with Gallic Acid and Epicatechin which exhibits strong Antioxidant properties along with Antifungal and Antiviral properties. African Organic Shea Butter for skin is an excellent moisturizer due to its antioxidant properties. African Shea Butter Unrefined for hair can be used as a deep conditioner when mixed with hair oils. It helps provide nourishment and moisturization to the scalp which results in eliminating dandruff and making hair silky-smooth and shiny. It helps nourish the skin while protecting against oxidative damage from the free radicals present in the environment like sun, wind, pollution, etc. It can also be used to heal and hydrate dry, flaky elbows as a natural moisturizing salve. Rangrej`s Aromatherapy African Organic Unrefined Shea Butter can be used in multiple DIYs for skin, hair, and body due to its nourishing and moisturizing properties. It is also good for mature skin as it acts as a hydrating and nourishing butter for the face and body. It can also be used on the lips as a natural lip balm to hydrate and heal chapped lips.


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