Why SabDesi ? 

The biggest motivation to start something like SabDesi.com was the huge potential that the Indian manufacturing Industries has. The massive inflow from various countries makes India a highly trade deficit country. Some research highlighted that there are so many local manufacturers and Karigars in small cities and towns who are producing good products but have limited presence due to lack of a suitable platform. Thus, an Idea to promote the Make in India was the need of the hour. Two people who shared similar thoughts on the Local is Vocal slogan synergised to put the seed of SabDesi.com in June 2020.

Our Mission

India is progressing at a rapid rate. Several ideas and initiatives have been implemented to boost the economy of India.One such scheme is Make In India.Our mission is to contribute in country's growth by being a robust marketplace place for Made in India products from local vendors and karigars for business to consumer business and a manufacturing market place for the business to business segment.

Our Services

SabDesi is an e-store that sells only Made in India Products thus promoting Made in India and Local IS VOCAL. Apart from being a multi category market place SabDesi also offers manufacturing services to the companies. SabDesi also offers a market place for the farmers where in the farmers can sell their products at the negotiated prices.

We offer a carefully considered selection of thousands of contemporary Made in India Products. Our aim is to reach out to various local manufacturers and offer them this market place so that they can sell their products across India and across the globe. Established in 2020, we provide exclusively products that are completely made in our great nation. Products are sourced from local manufacturers and lesser known production units.

All the products we sell are authentic and original editions from the authorized manufacturer.

Apart from being a robust market place for local products, we are also offering world class manufacturing to the companies. Companies can use this section to manufacture various parts and other raw materials they use in the manufacturing process. We also ensure seamless supply chain services to the companies.

We take full guarantee of material that is manufactured via SabDesi.

SabDesi also offers a section for the farmers where in the farmers can directly sell their crops and other items to companies, wholesalers, retailers etc. and negotiate the prices. This brings a huge opportunity for the farmers to make profits on the basis of demand.

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