Rangrej's Aromatherapy Detoxifying green tea body wash

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This Moisturizing Body Wash Moisture With Mild Cleansers to Help Your Skin Retain Its Natural Moisture. The Caring, Nourishing Formula Makes Body Wash a Great Body Wash for Dry Skin Too. Rangrej`s Aromatherapy Body Wash Is a Blend of Moisturizers and Skin Natural Nutrients That Help Your Skin to Maintain Its Natural Balance While You Shower and Deliver Skin Nourishment at the Same Time. This Mild Body Wash Helps to Minimize Skin Dryness While Nourishing Deep Into the Surface Layers of Your Skin, Leaving You With Softer, Smoother Skin After Just One Shower. Rangrej`s Aromatherapy Body Wash Replenishes Your Skin’s Nutrients While Also Leaving It Clean and Feeling Cared for. For Best Results, Just Squeeze Some Gentle Body Wash Onto a Shower Pouf or Your Hands and Massage All Over Your Body Before Rinsing Thoroughly. Use in Your Daily Shower for Soft, Smooth Skin. Rangrej`s Aromatherapy Green Tea and Cucumber Body Wash Showers You With the Clean, Fresh Scent of Green Tea and Cucumber Extracts, Along With Skin-conditioning, Leaving Your Skin Feeling Fresh and Delightfully Fragrant. St.botanica Products Offer Great Quality Beauty Solutions for the Entire Family to Help You Look Good, Smell Good and Feel Good Every Day. Cleanses Skin Without Over-drying • Brings Peace to Mind • Makes You Feel Great • Moisturizes & Softens Skin.This Luxury Shower Gel, Will Leave Your Skin Feeling Refreshed and Invigorated. Enriched With Pure Essential Oils. Features an Ultra-sensual Texture & Plant-based Formula. Helps Mildly Yet Effectively Cleanse & Balance Skin Without Stripping It of Its Natural Oils Enriched Perfect for All Skin Types, Even Sensitive Ones. Rangrej`s Aromatherapy Green Tea and Cucumber Body Wash Is a Balanced Blend of Luxurious Cleansers and Essential Oils. Designed for Men and Women to Be Used as a Body Wash, Shower Gel, or Bubble Bath. This Clinical-grade Formula Is Safe for All Skin Types and Even Sensitive Skin. A Unique, High Quality Product Based on the Best, Natural, Active Plant-based Ingredients for Skin Care – Created According to Timeless Thai Spa and Healing Formulas Designed to Nourish and Heal Your Skin and Senses.

250 ml

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