Nourish You Organic Premium White Quinoa, 500gm

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Organically homegrown quinoa of the highest quality available in India is highly recommended for those who follow a gluten-free, vegan diet.

This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Protein powerhouse: premium white quinoa contains all the essential 9 amino acids thus giving a complete source of protein
  • Anti-ageing: antioxidants in premium white quinoa neutralize free radicals and help fight aging
  • Superfood: iron and nutrient rich, premium white quinoa is loaded with many important nutrients; diet friendly: premium white quinoa is a nutritious alternative to couscous and white rice and is easy to incorporate into your diet
  • Shelf Life: 720 Days; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
  • Quantity: 500 gm; Package Content: 500 gm of Organic Premium White Quinoa

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