Rangrej's Aromatherapy Neem Tulsi with Aloevera Facewash

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SAFE TO USE – This face wash is formulated using ancient Ayurvedic formulas and contains only plant based oils and extracts which makes this extremely effective and safe for everyone’s use. Use it with confidence to get rid of acne and its scars. The facewash is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin for both men and women. For Best Results Use Twice in a Day AM/PM daily. ? Nimbadi By Ranrej`s Aromatherapy Face wash for Acne is specifically formulated to help you overcome the fight with Acne. This anti-acne face wash contains Neem Oil as active ingredient in addition to several other plant based extracts which are effective in treating acne, even if you have acne problem from years. Its natural formula acts on active acne, dries it out & clears the dirt, impurities and toxins which are clogged in the pores. It also lightens the acne marks & scars to give you clear skin. ? Acts on Acne, Pimples and Acne-scars to give you blemish-free skin. This light-weight cleansing face wash contains powerful Neem oil, which reduces the occurrence of pimples & restores the natural moisture of the skin. It’s a powerful combination of herbs which not only clears the acne but also reduces the excess oil on the skin, reduces breakouts to give you clear, brighter look. Further, aloe vera extract in the facewash gives the calming and soothing effects to the skin. ? Shrinks the open pores: This anti-acne facewash for men and women, unclogs the open pores and pulls out the dirt from the pores, as a results, the size of the pores appears reduced and you get bright and even skin tone. Further it protects against inflammation without over-drying the skin. It may also be helpful in case of even Cystic acne (an uncommon and severe form of acne). ? Medicinal Properties of Ingredients prevents skin infections. The use of natural ingredients like Neem Oil makes this anti-acne facewash, potent of keeping the skin safe from bacterial infections. Neem oil and Basil essential oil are known for the anti-bacterial properties, which not only helps in healing the skin breakouts and infections but also provide shield to the skin for further protection.

100 ml

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